We have a vision of community empowerment. We want to create a world that allows Black and poor communities to build themselves up. We believe that education is the key to liberation.

Photo of Walter Palmer in front of the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School building

Our Mission

The Palmer Foundation aims to provide leadership-based teaching materials and be a repository for literature and information surrounding disparities and racism in the United States, ultimately resulting in the empowerment of at-risk African American communities. We acknowledge that issues such as health conditions, violence, and climate change disproportionately affect these communities, and we work to create and provide the tools to raise them up.

Our Goals

  1. Provide information and resources to empower and support oppressed groups and at-risk communities.
  1. Shift the language surrounding discussions about oppressed and at-risk communities in the United States into one that focuses on identifying the structural causes of their decline.
  2. Develop curriculums that tackle real-life problems—such as racism, violence, and housing disparities—faced by children and their families in order to actively intercept and circumvent the consequences of those issues.

Walter D. Palmer: Lifelong Educator for Community Empowerment

Walt Palmer is the founder and director of the WD Palmer Foundation, a lawyer, a Cardio-Pulmonary Medical Professional, a community organizer, and a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Social Policy and Practice, where has taught foundation courses in American Racism and Institutional Racism and Social Change since 1990. This year he is teaching Perelman School of Medicine’s first class on American Racism in Medicine.

Contact Us

The Palmer Foundation, Inc.

Walter D. Palmer, J.D./Founder/President

PO Box 22692

Philadelphia, PA 19110

Phone/Fax: 267-738-1588

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