Who Were The Indigenous Natives of The World?


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Often times, the rich history and culture of indigenous groups throughout the world are omitted from the everyday American education system. With this book, we hope to paint a picture of the numerous indigenous groups in each geographic region of each continent in the world. With each group we researched we asked these fundamental questions: Who were the original Indigenous natives? Where did they come from? When did they come to the area? What were their customs, culture, religion, and civilization? What happened to them and why? What evidence did they leave behind? Answering every fundamental question for every single Indigenous group based on what research we were able to find is impossible; however, we feel we painted a general picture as to who these Indigenous people were and how they lived. Perhaps the most interesting part of this paper is that each Indigenous native group was so unique. We also hope that the reader gains a sense of understanding of how different each group was. We were very fortunate that we were able to find out so much about the people who laid the foundation for future societies to come.


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