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Penn Medicine Healthcare Workers Call for National Dialogue on Race/Racism
At Penn Medicine's Medical Grand Rounds on Wednesday, 9/16, Dr. Walt Palmer …

We see the world from a different angle

Black history in the United States has been covered up, ignored, and brushed under the rug.

At The WD Palmer Foundation, we refuse to ignore it. Walt Palmer and his foundation have been advocating for at-risk communities, providing leadership education and training, and promoting anti-racism since 1955. Visit Our Story to learn how Walt Palmer created the foundation, and Timeline for more details. Many people have heard of our school, the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School. Visit Our School page to read our story, from its beginning to its end.

How our foundation has moved mountains

In the Black Bottom, in Philadelphia, in the United States and across the world

From desegregating two major Philadelphia hospitals to being a key witness in one of Philadelphia’s most controversial shootings, Walter D. Palmer is a legend in Philadelphia.

Today, he continues to focus on Black liberation as a motivational speaker and our foundation creates and provides leadership-based curriculums for children and adults. Between our comprehensive website, upcoming publications, and available curriculums, The WD Palmer foundation is a repository for information.

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Find out about health, economic, and political disparities for Black Americans, find support if you’re struggling, & act now to make a change.

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Our mission & goals. Walt Palmer’s life. A timeline of the foundation & Black Philadelphia history, side-by-side.


Published literature & historic Black memorabilia: books, memoir, packets, posters, t-shirts, stickers, etc. COMING SOON

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