Anti-Racism Petition Information Page

Petition to Designate Racism as a National Public Health Crisis and Call for a National Dialogue on Racism in America

Links below for petition, volunteer sign ups, and more

We would appreciate having your support on this matter in the following ways: 

  1. Sign the petition ( and write a short message of support (If you don’t have an email, sign through this link instead:
  2. Help us identify co-sponsors to support the petition, which entails verbal support, not financial support.
  3. Help identify volunteers around the country for this campaign (
  4. Like and share this petition on your social media platforms.
  5. Please view the University of Pennsylvania Medical Grand Rounds Presentation (
  6. Donate to our campaign if you can (



Alternate Petition Sign Up
(if you don’t have an email)

Co-sponsors of this petition:

  • I Care Academy
  • 400 years coalition
  • The 400
  • The Human Connection
  • The Philadelphia Commission on African and Caribbean Affairs

Campaign GoFundMe

Volunteering Instructions

  1. Fill out the volunteer sign up form, and indicate what states and field(s) of institution(s) you will be reaching out to
  2. Make a list of the institutions/groups you will reach out to (for example: all medical schools in your target state) and fill in their names and identify primary contacts at this link: (tip: primary contacts can be found through organization websites)
  3. Send the petition to these institutions!
  4. Update the spreadsheet with the date you reached out, the date you heard back, and whether the institute will help support our cause
  5. Make sure to check that the institutes you want to contact have not already been contacted by another volunteer!
  6. Focus outreach to decision makers in these institutes (i.e. directors, CEOs, presidents, superintendents, managers, administrators, supervisors, etc.)
  7. Regional Volunteer Coordinators will eventually be selected from those have demonstrated commitment through volunteer services.

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