The W.D. Palmer Foundation Blog Introduction

Living in the United States is to live in a country with racism. Past, present, future, it will likely always exist, but the work we’re doing now will affect how big of a part of the future it will be. Personally, I still have a lot to learn (I’m working on it!) and while I love writing and and may do a post later on, I’m much more interested in hearing your voices and using this platform to amplify them.

I hope you don’t see this as work: this was not in the job requirement and is not mandatory. Rather, if there’s been something you’ve been wanting to say, or something you’ve been processing through writing, or you have a project or idea or person that you’re passionate about and want to talk about, this can be a way to do it. Want to share a funny/scary/meaningful story? Or a recipe from your grandmother and why it’s significant? Or a book review of a book by a Black author? Poetry, short stories, and paintings are welcome. Create or say what you want to and stick to the theme: race in America. Whether you focus on skin color or culture, oppression or power or both, your voice is wanted.

Email me your post at You can be cited or anonymous, just let me know in your email (if you don’t let me know you’ll be cited).

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